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A New Hub and Another Server???!!!
MrPranklez Owner
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over 2 years ago

The Event Update
So far 2020 has been crazy not only for NRG but on a global scale. We have merged with BumbleCraft which has allowed our community to grow even more. After this merge we didn't stop working we still have mountains worth of ideas, all of us on the NRG Team and the BumbleCraft Team have been working really hard to prepare what we have in store for you now. We will be releasing the following things from this point on: (more details below)

What does this update introduce?

  • A New Hub
  • The Minigames Server
  • Rework of the Token System
  1. Why did we get a new hub?
    With this merge we realized that our hub was full and that for any additional servers (in this case the Minigames server) we would need to expand our hub. Initially we wanted to stick to portals but given the ideas we have in store, we quickly realized that we'd need to rebuild our hubs everytime we went over a certain threshold of servers. So we came to the decision to change things up a bit. So be sure to check out the hub for yourself in-game and let us know what you think!

  2. What is the Minigames Server for?
    We want to be able to have all servers run as smoothly as possible and if we were to host our events that would take away a bit of performance that we could otherwise put towards your experience while playing. So we'll be moving all events to the Minigames Server (this means events on BumbleCraft and on NRG, also parkours). But that is not all of course, we wouldn't release a server just to play some casual games on. Here is a summary of all the things you'll be able to do on the minigames server:

    - Murder Mystery (3 different maps)
    - Build Battle (Solo and Teams)
    - Hide And Seek (5 different maps, disguises,...)
    - Village Defence (Defend villagers from waves of zombie attacks)
    - Parkours (5 different Parkours, 2 NEW ONES!!!)
    - Events previously hosted on their respective servers like boat race, spleef,... will now also be hosted on the Minigames Server

  3. How has the token system been reworked?
    There has been a few changes to the token system as players have been asking for more ways to earn tokens. In order to not have people unlock cosmetics without any effort, we decided to change the whole way earning tokens works (This can still be tweaked in the near future to add more ways of earning tokens). In the end we want for earning tokens to be a challenge. Below you'll find a short summary of what has changed exactly:

    - You will now be able to earn tokens from ALL events (you will need to do your best in order to get tokens though xD)
    - We have spread out NPC's over all server spawns that you will need to find to get 1 free token every day
    - Prices of Cosmetics Keys have now been set to 100 tokens per key to compensate for all the new ways of earning tokens

Last but not least, I would like to thank all parties involved in making this Minigames server and Hub. This required a lot of time and effort and everyone chipped in. We had the build team, lead by Jaden, create builds and an insane rate, we had waves of ideas pouring in from all directions and, we had the BumbleCraft Team, lead by James, create builds and set up hide and seek maps, we had Walrus, who helped out with setting up tons of events on the Minigames server. And not to forget, Ame who has been working on growing our Instagram account once again and provide people with fun content also outside of the game!!!

This really was a project where everyone worked together to create what we will be releasing now, Thank you to you all!!!
We hope you all enjoy this Event update and we look forward to seeing you in-game!