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An Illustrated Guide to Cosmetics and Earning Tokens
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over 2 years ago

Recently, there’s been a HUGE update to the NRG Network, as well as the NRG tokens system. For anyone newer who might not know, tokens are YOUR way of being able to take advantage of one of the servers coolest special features: cosmetics! 


What are Cosmetics? 

Cosmetics are a collection of cool visuals you can add to your in-game character when having fun on the server! They are put into three different categories: Particles, Pets, and Disguises. 


Particles are cool visuals that appear around or above your in-game character.

Pets are little animals, mobs, or characters that follow you as you play.

Disguises are any of the in-game mobs you can unlock to make yourself look like them.


Shown below are a few examples of players with their cosmetics. You might see some of these as you play:



How do I use Cosmetics?

You can access cosmetics that you have unlocked through the commands /pets, /pp, or /disguise

To unlock more, you must buy cosmetic crate keys from the NPC located at spawn. Each key costs 100 tokens. Be sure to check the cosmetics section at spawn to see all of the awesome possibilities there are with this feature!


Earning Tokens

There are quite a few ways to earn tokens. Be sure to take advantage of them all every single day to maximize your daily winnings!



Earn tokens by completing our various parkour challenges! They are located over on the Minigames server as well as over on our Hub. 


Remember to interact with the NPC at the end of the parkours you complete to claim your token! These can all be done once a day.



Minigames are one of the NRG Networks newest features. They’re ALSO a great way to earn tokens. Be sure to check them all out and play with your friends. Winners of a round of any of the minigames on the server will be awarded one token!



Daily Hosted Events

Typically once a day, a member of the events team will host one of our special events. They can be various activities like spleef, a dropper, a boat race and more! These events will be announced beforehand both in-game as well as in our discord! On top of all that, the weekly schedule for these events is posted on a board at spawn past the voting crates (where the old event portals used to be).




Be sure to participate in them if you can. Not only because they’re tons of fun, but also because winning that event will get you tokens!


Can you find the Hidden NPC’s?

In addition to everything above, we’ve also hidden a bunch of NPC’s all over the server spawns! If you find one, be sure to click on them to claim their token! You can do this with each NPC once a day. Can you find all of them?



Be sure to take advantage of all of these fun activities to earn as many tokens as possible!! If you would like, tokens are also available for purchase on our donation store.

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