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Country: Ireland
Gender: Male
Discord: Walruski#2101
IGN: VictoriousWalrus
5 months ago

The time has come to announce the upcoming updates for Skyblock!


Winners of this months Skyblock island top!

1. In first we have Twyxz with an island level of 10718!

2. In second we have Cabeludo11 with an island level of 4014!

3. In third we have ChaosConsumesU with an island level of 2087!


The upcoming changes to the Skyblock server!

We are going to be transitioning to a more Community based Skyblock server instead of the competitive Skyblock type we have been for the past few months, The reason for this is just that we want to build up a Community on Skyblock and not only have the competitiveness on it, However with that said, Small side competitions will still occur on Skyblock every so often but they will not be our main goal.


With that said we are keeping with this current Skyblock and not going to reset this month, At the end of May there is going to be a huge Skyblock Rework so lookout for that, There is going to be no reward for participating in this months island top either, Nothing is going to be reset this month, Everything you currently have you will keep for this month


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IGN: ChaosConsumesU
5 months ago

I'm very disappointed about this when you told multiple people that it was going to reset as normal a week ago. I know i personally gave up on my island about 5 days ago because i knew i would get 3rd place and i was happy with that. if i had known that earlier, I would have had a ton for keys and a lot more levels on my island. I just saying this because next time i would like to know ahead of time or i would like you to put it to a vote.