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Upcoming Updates!!! (Kit-PvP?!?!)
MrPranklez Owner
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over 2 years ago

Upcoming Updates!!!

We just released our Skyblock server and we're glad to see everyone is enjoying it. Of course some
issues may arise as we go along, but we'll deal with them as soon as we can. Now that Skyblock is out,
it is time for us to take a step back and look at the servers we currenlty have before we can take a step forward.
Read the detailed explanation of what will be happening exactly below!!!

This will be a list of all the things we plan on adding/changing/updating on all of our servers:

  • Retronix:
    It's been quite a while since Retronix has been updated/had a review of it's current features. This will finally be happening. We've been taking notes of what players have been saying over the course of this summer. Here are some of the features we'll be introducing/updating in this upcoming update.
    • lottery system, where everyone can participate to win some money
    • daily reward system
    • 3 new quest categories
    • more 1.13 and 1.14 items will be added to the adminshop (/shop)
    • a mineworld will be added that resets regularly as the overworld is starting to get a bit depleted
    • a fancy new and reworked player menu (/menu)
    • a vote party system just like we have on skyblock currently
    • ... (many more features/fixes)

  • Creative:
    Our creative server will go through the biggest change of all of our servers that we plan on updating. The creative server will be reset and will be set to a 1.12.2 server. You might ask yourself why we would revert to an older version of minecraft, there's a very simple answer to that question. For minecraft 1.12.2 the most build tools have been made, just to name a few; FAWE, GoPaint, VoxelSniper. This means some of the blocks people have access to in 1.13 and 1.14 will not be available but we'll be able to offer you a plathera of amazing build tools. Below a short list of some of the things we plan on changing:
    • FAWE (Fast Async WorldEdit)
    • VoxelSniper
    • GoPaint
    • private worlds
    • 1 plotworld with 125x125 plots
    • download the builds you built on your plots using a simple website
    • review of the creative ranks
    • ... (many more features/fixes)

  • Kit-PvP?!?!?!
    Yes, you read that right. We've been hearing a lot of people asking for some sort of pvp gamemode. We've put a lot of thought behind this, and we've come to the conclusion that we will be releasing a Kit-PvP server, as this is something we don't really offer yet.

You might ask yourself: "when can we expect all of these things to release?". Below is a small schedule on when we have all of these things planned when everything goes smoothly (If there are any delays we'll be sure to share them with you so everyone is aware),

  • Retronix Update: 20th of September
  • Creative Reset: 4th of October
  • KitPvP: 18th of October

We're looking forward to releasing all these new features/updates and we're
looking forward to seeing you in-game!!!

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