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Forums and Donation Store Design Update
MrPranklez Owner
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about 1 year ago

We have a new and fresh Forums and Store Design

It is finally here, we have a new forums and Store Design. We thought it was time for something fresh and new and with all the support you have been giving over the last few months, we thought it was worth it. The website is now registered on our main domain instead of a sub-domain and a bunch of other stuff.

We managed to transfer ALL of your data so you don't need to worry about registering again or anything of that kind, you'll still have your old account and everything will work as is! There are still a few bugs here and there and we still need to update all the links in our documentation and in-game but feel free to check it out.

40% Flash sale for the next 6 hours!!!

In celebration of all these major changes we decided it would be fair to do a quick flash sale, so if you've been waiting to get yourself a cool rank or an upgrade or perhaps even some tokens, now is your chance!!!

We hope you guys enjoy and we're looking forward to seeing you in-game!!!

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