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Beta Server!
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about 1 year ago

When NRG started off, we wanted it to be a place where everyone had something they could enjoy. We did this so we could start a community and then grow together with that community. So far it hasn't been clear to us what direction we should go towards but we now have come up with an idea that we would like to put to the test, and that's why we'll be releasing "The Beta Server".

Before we get to the details of the Beta Server we would like to take the time to congratulate Nicho, Crispy and Fade for their promotion to Jr.Admin. They have put a lot of work and time into NRG and will now each get a specific "job" for them to focus on and help us make NRG better.

  1. What will the Beta Server be about?

    With this Beta Server we will attempt to create a environment that enables people to cooperate more closely with their friends. Right now we see people constantly creating towns and gathering resources together and even creating communal farms. In order to better support this type of gameplay we'll be creating a copy of what Retronix currently is and we'll be modifying a few things and adding a ton of new features. We also hope that we can count on your feedback in regards of the the things we do on the Beta Server, so that we can make it as good as can be.

  2. What features will the Beta Server offer that are different from Retronix?

    1. Towns: This will enable players to create their own towns, invite people, create public farms and compete with eachother in creating the best/biggest/... town

    2. Dungeons: This will be a dungeon system where you will need to clear out an area containing dozens of mobs, puzzles, treasures, bosses and a bunch of other things

    3. Party System: This too is specifically to encourage and help people who want to play in a group. You'll be able to create your own party that you can invite your friends to and where you can talk about anything you'd like.

    4. Custom Enchantments: We feel like the default enchantments that minecraft provides are starting to grow a bit old, so we'd like to add some new enchantments into the mix and perhaps change up the way enchantments work

    5. Custom World Generation: So far on NRG we've always made use of the default Minecraft worlds but we believe it's time that we look into something different and provide something new to explore

      NOTE: The features mentioned above are only a fraction of what we intend to add in the future, they're a collection of the main things we'll be adding. Also, keep in mind, in the beginning the core of the server will be similar to Retronix, as we go along this will most likely change here and there.

  3. When will this Beta Server release?

    The Beta server will release Friday the 7th of August. (Keep in mind this is a beta server and will have bugs. This is a project we intend to start now so that we can tinker on it for a while to make it as good as possible)

  4. Will everybody be able to access the Beta server?

    The Beta Server will be a donator exclusive server. You will be able to buy access to the server by either buying a donator rank or by purchasing the "Beta Access" Package here.

And last but not least. We will start taking submissions for the build transfers. Given the amount of time that has passed and the fact that everyone has been able to build up some money, we'll be charging people for build transfers depending on the size and the blocks used in the build. You can submit your builds in the#build-transfer channel on discord. We will officially start transferring the builds next weekend.

We hope that you guys are just excited as we are for the things we have planned. We hope to see you guys in-game and we're looking forward to showing you what we've been working on next Friday!

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