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1.16.2 Creative Update
Not_Jaden Member
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IGN: Not_Jaden
about 1 year ago

Finally, I had the chance to make this long-awaited update for the creative server. Not only is the server up to date with all of the new 1.16.2 features, but a whole bunch of other new tidbits has also been added.

  1. The information about the donor ranks on the store has been updated.
  2. The whole server has been updated to 1.16.2 (sideways chains!) and a new plot world has been opened up. This plot world will be replacing the old world very soon. The old world will stay there for 2 weeks until it will be deleted. Now don't worry, if you choose, you can save your builds on the old plot world by doing one or both options. First, you can g to your plot and do /p download to get a link to a website where you can download a schematic of your plot. Or, if you have access to worldedit, (and there are new ways to get it) you can copy and paste your plot into the new world. 
  3. Build Battle has been moved to creative from minigames. I also added a TON of new themes that also include player suggested themes. You can still suggest new themes in the suggestions channel of our discord. There is also a NEW game mode which is Guess The Build. One player builds and the rest have to guess what it is!
  4. You are now able to use the cosmetics NPC.
  5. You can no longer vote and get rewards on creative. There was an issue of players duplicating vote keys so it has been removed, but there are now other ways to get the vote rewards.
  6. The normal world has been reset and a new one was created. Be the first to check it out!
  7. Everyone's balance has been reset. Claimblocks Have stayed.
  8. You can get world edit, voxel sniper, invisible item frames, and higher flyspeed in our new shop! Just do /shop
  9. In the new plot world that was just released, the first 2 rows of plots have to be bought, the rest can be claimed for free. This is to make sure the people that are dedicated to creating unique plots can get a front plot where they deserve it.
  10. The lottery was removed because nobody used it. If you would like it back, please make a suggestion on our discord.
  11. The Light Cleaner plugin now works to clean worldedit light messes. just do /cleanlight and the plugin will clean the light around you.
  12. And the biggest thing of all, there are in-game ranks that give you a lot of features if you rank up

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