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Global Updates, New Minigames and Halloween Event?!?!
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about 1 year ago

Over the course of the last few days some of you might have seen a ton of lengthy change logs roll out on our discord. This is because we've been working hard to get all the bugs we currently have resolved so we can focus on adding cool new features in the upcoming weeks/months. Below you'll see a summary of the main features we fixed/introduced and what is to come.

Before I get started on this summary I would like to take the time to thank everyone who helped making this update possible by thinking of cool ideas, reporting bugs, making polls and surveys and so on. Suggestions and bug reports have been the main driver behind all of these updates and we would like to thank you for helping us!

  1. Retronix Updates:

    • The mall that we initially released had a few flaws to say the least and we've finally managed to resolve them ALL.
    • Thanks to @Captcrispy, we have been able to rework the entire crate system and even add a new crate, the Mythic Crate. Not only that, but in combination with the new crate we have also added a total of 11 collectibles. If you manage to collect all of them you will be allowed to select a cosmetic of your choice. (a pet, disguise or particle)

  2. Skyblock Updates:

    • The generator system has received an entire overhaul. There are a total of 6 tiers of overworld generators and 3 different tiers of nether generators. In the future we also plan on adding a few tiers of end generators but we would first like to evaluate how the current system runs.
    • Besides that, a whole bunch of smaller issues have been resolved in order to make the whole experience more enjoyable and less troublesome.
    • Once, the crate system has been thoroughly tested and used on Retronix we will be expanding it to Skyblock to also allow people on Skyblock to enjoy something fresh and new from the crates.

  3. Upcoming Updates:

    • Halloween Update:
      This will be an update that you'll be able to enjoy throughout the last 2 weeks of October on Retronix. The Build Team is working hard to revamp the whole spawn. You'll be able to go trick or treating on NRG and by doing so get some cool unique rewards for yourself!
    • Minigames PvP Update:
      We've also been brainstorming hard in regards of adding some new events to the Minigames server, special thanks to @Fade. In the upcoming week we'll be working on adding a total of 3 new types of Minigames and they will all be PvP related!
    • New Server:
      Last but not least we'll be adding a fifth server to the NRG Network, that is entirely different compared to what you've seen on our other servers. We've previously mentioned what we'll be introducing in our Beta Server post. Those features will obviously be added in addition to a bunch of other cool features.

That is all for this announcement! We hope you guys are just as excited about the newly added things and the new things to come! We look forward to seeing you in-game!!!
~NRG Team

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