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Towny Server Release
Not_Jaden Member
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IGN: Not_Jaden
about 1 year ago

Towny Server Release Information

  The developing team on NRG has worked hard for the last few months to create this towny server like no other. When will it be released?

It will be released on February 12, 6PM GMT+1, 12PM EST

What new features are there?

- Hundreds of quests - Ability to create your own town or nation and tax your residents - Crates with new rewards - Death totems when you die - Nether Dungeon with custom loot, more dungeons coming in future updates - Ability to bottle your XP with /bottle - MCMMO stats and abilities - Auction House - Images to Minecraft map* - Dynmap : Link will be posted upon release - Ability to create giant trees** - Harder mobs spawn in the wild - Private vaults /pv (number)

Other information

Your Retronix rank will be transferred over to the towny server *You must ask an admin if you want and image to a Minecraft map, and it will cost you $500 per item frame slot **Giant trees can be created like this https://imgur.com/a/WwuD1WD

There will be weekly updates