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A New Beginning - NRG 3.0
MrPranklez Owner
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5 months ago

It has been a VERY long time since our last announcement and a lot has changed in both our personal lives, professional lives and even everything here on NRG. While we were pre-occupied with other things in life we have had the time to overthink what we should do next and what direction we should head in specifically and after some meetings we have come to the following decision: We will be rebuilding NRG from the ground up

Below we will go over the most important questions that will require answering. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask under this thread or on our discord server.

  • When will this fresh start officially... start???
    • It has been about a year since we actively developed and worked on things for NRG and with the release of 1.18 that isn't quite stable yet we will be releasing NRG 3.0 on NRG's birthday, the 15th of February. This will give us ample time to set things up properly and also make sure we have an experience that is true to NRG. On the 12th of February we'll do a soft release of NRG to allow us to further test things and filter out any bugs before releasing officially.

  • Will we keep our old  donator/player ranks?
    • Everyone who has previously donated will keep their previous donator rank or a rank of equivalent value in our updated rank line-up. We have introduced 1 new donator rank but we also bade farewell to our old Global ranks (MVP, VIP and NRG). All of the old donator ranks, had unnecessarily complicated things so we decided to reduce the amount and go back to our roots. We also added a total of 4 new player ranks, since we also want players to be able to work towards something. To check out the donator ranks feel free to browse over our store (still a WIP)

  • Will previously banned people be unbanned?
    • Previously banned people will not be banned. We are here to get a fresh start and not dive back into the troubles of the past. The people that are currently banned have been banned for a good reason. Everyone is always able to appeal their ban on our forums.

  • What servers will be available on NRG 3.0?
    • NRG will start off as a single survival server called Retronix. Here you will be able to play NRG's classic survival gamemode like we used to know it. We will also have a creative server where you'll be able to freely build in creative mode. We will be slowly but surely restoring other servers too but our main focus will be our survival gamemode.

  • Can we keep track of the progress that is being made?
    • We will be keeping you up to date by regularly posting updates in our #change-log channel on discord. So if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to our specific notification messages in #read-me.

  • What happened to some of the discord channels and messages?
    • With this new update we decided to start fresh with a whole bunch of our discord channels. We removed a few and simply wiped a few others. Suggestions still work as they previously have and we are open to hear any suggestions you may have!

We still have a lot of work to do and we are eager to get everything ready and present the new NRG to everyone. If you're interested in joining us when we re-release NRG while we work on rebuilding things, be sure to show us you're interested on the event we created click here.