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Country: Ireland
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over 2 years ago




We will be reseting Skyblock for a multitude of reasons, As some of you may have noticed there are some glitches and bugs in the current Skyblock server we have, 

As these issues need to be fixed by the plugin developers and are currently not getting fixed. we have decided to reset the Skyblock, the Skyblock server will go down for Maintenance on the 4th November

And will be down for 3-4 day's, At the very max 1 week, the new skyblock we will be rolling out will have a great amount of new features releasing along side it,

This is a list of the things we are planning on adding,


New Core Plugin

We will be using a completely new Core Plugin for the Skyblock server which will match our current needs much more, then the old one we were using,it also wont be as buggy as the old one.

New Additions

Some of the new additions our Skyblock server will offer, s a completely new Spawn, A fifth donator rank inside of the store,fly vouchers which upon use will give the user a set amount of time with access to /fly.


Bi-Monthly Resets / Awards

The Skyblock server is going to reset all player islands every 2 months, resetting everything including,Player Inventories, Islands, /Is top, /baltop, the spawn is not going to be reset in these bi-monthly resets,only the owner of the island is given an award, it is of his choice to share it with the other members or not.The first three winners of the /is top will be decided on the *3th November**The reason for having bi-monthly resets is for us to be able to update the skyblock server with lots of new features and adjust the gameplay each reset, Giving you a better expierience each time every 2 months, Right before the reset the Top Three Islandswill be rewarded with rewards inside of our Donation Store!

Reworked Island Point System
The current island point system we have might seem a bit dull, So we are going to be reworking it, Adding new ways of earning points for your islands giving you the possibility of getting high up on the /is top.


Reworked Voteparty System

We are going to be reworking the VoteParty system with new rewards, and in general a most suitable system for it.



As we will be focusing on getting Skyblock out, the release of Kitpvp has been pushed back till after Skyblock,there is no set date for the Kitpvp release yet.

We are looking forward to releasing the completely reworked Skyblock server with these new features and we're looking forward to seeing you ingame.