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Upcoming Updates November 2019!!!
MrPranklez Owner
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over 2 years ago

We're back again with a series of updates!!!
We've started off this series strong with the update of the creative server to 1.13.2 which includes
an amazing spawn built by Zyny.
Go check it out, if you haven't so far! We'll be doing a few
major updates, some updates are to make the life of our staff a bit easier
and some
updates are entirely based on feedback we received from the community.

Check out what we'll be changing precisely in this post below:

  • Our first big update has in fact just been completed, being our donation store:
    2 kindhearted players brought to our attention that there was an exploit when upgrading your rank during a sale. They discovered it by chance and instead of keeping it to themselves they decided to share it with us which we can only thank them for. Upon further investigating the matter, we discovered that those 2 players weren't the only ones who discovered said exploit. So we came to the decision to revoke any ranks acquired through this exploit from the people who thought that they could get away with this. The people who came forward, prior to this announcement, will be allowed to keep their ranks.

    As previously mentioned, this issue has been resolved and you can now see 3 new categories on our donation store. 
    For every server there now is an upgrade category, so if you have previously bought a rank and would like to upgrade to a new rank, then you will need to head to the upgrades category of the server you want to upgrade your rank on.

  • Our next big update will be a big chat rework:
    Over the course of time, we noticed that just having one big global chat can get quite messy. So we have come to the decision to set up different chat channels/ chat rooms. Here is a list of some of the channels we'll be adding for now:

    • Global channel (over all servers) 
    • Retronix server channel (only on retronix)
    • Creative server channel (only on creative)
    • Skyblock server channel (only on skyblock)

  • Then we have a perhaps more unexpected update being, a Hub Rework:
    The hub we currently have has been with us from the very beginning of NRG (formerly known as Retronix). This hub matched our needs perfectly and we couldn't have been happier with what Ame had built. But the time has come where we need to move forward to keep up with our community. What will be changing about our hub?

    • A New Core Hub system, that includes a few cool cosmetic features
    • A New Hub build (what this will be is a big surprise)

  • Last but not least, probably one of the most sought after updates of them all, a Retronix Update:
    Retronix has been doing pretty well recently, we do have a server crash once in a while but nothing that's too horrible that makes it unplayable. We would most of all like to simply reset the map and start fresh but as you know, that's not an option due to the shear amount of bases that would be reset. We also received a ton of requests/suggestion for Retronix and we'll be implementing a bunch of them. Below is a short list of some of the things we'll be adding/changing:

    • New jobs/quests system (current system is buggy to say the least xD)
    • Reset of the end dimension
    • With every reset of the mineworld, a new seed will be generated
    • Vote rewards when you reach a certain amount of total votes
    • A fancy scoreboard to better keep track of some of your stats
    • ... (and more of course)

  • On top of all these updates listed above, there will be a few other minor changes to things like our discord server, the way our donation store looks, skyblock adjustments, our forums,...

To finish this announcement we would like to end with a big "THANK YOU!!!" to everyone who has supported this project and joined us on this exciting adventure. We have gone through hell last summer when the server went down, but we can finally say we have recovered. Due to all your support during our Halloween sale we are able to do all of the updates mentioned above, and we couldn't be more grateful.
We will keep on working to make this community the fun, happy and enjoyable place we all want it to be.

We look forward to any feedback you may have and that you enjoy what we have in stock for you!!!
-NRG Team

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