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Accepted Builder Application - VriendjeStokVis_
VriendjeStokVis_ Member
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Country: Netherlands
IGN: VriendjeStokVis_
over 2 years ago
  • What is your IGN (In-Game-Name) and your current nickname? 
    • VriendjeStokVis_
  • What position are you applying for? 
    • Builder
  • What timezone do you live and/or work?
    • Central European Time
  • How much time do you spend on NRG and at what times are you available?
    • After work or school. (I am online almost everyday)
  • When did you first join NRG? 
    • Not that long ago. dec 2019 I think.
  • Have you ever been banned/kicked/muted/warned on NRG, if so why? 
    • Nope
  • Why would you want to apply for this position? 
    • Because I love building. Ive been doing it for a really long time.
  • What would you be able to contribute to the server, that you couldn’t before?
    • My own style. Everybody has their own style. 
  • Do you have any experience in the field of the position you’re applying for? 
    • Not in any servers with owners I don't know. But ive build a lot with teams, also on my own.
  • Do you have any experience using plugins like WorldEdit or Voxelsniper?
    • I can't live without WorldEdit, I mostly use Voxelsniper for mountains and stuff, so I don't have a lot of experience.
  • What styles do you usually build in/like to build in? 
    • I love everything. but I would rather build something big so I can detail it more. genre's don't really matter all that mutch to me
  • Builds showcase: provide a portfolio containing screenshots of builds you made on NRG including coordinates and perhaps a little explanation about your builds.

I don't have a lot of stuff on NRG. only 1 thing in retronix (9813/ -9924)

Some other build I made on my own server i sadly lost (i think i have an old safe file on my laptop, but it's REALLY old)


Castle 1


Castle 2. (bit dark.. sorry)


inside castle 2.

(From entrance)


(From above)


(From throne)


Castle 3

far away (Dark again sorry)


Old screen, the castle you see was extended alot, with brigde and some small dragons.


another screen from castle 1.


OH i found a screen from the extended castle.


This server was just for fun, I love Builing and I did This (sometimes with friends) Just because i wanted to make something. I had a lot of other projects as well but i couldn't find screens of them.. So this is it.

Thank you for reading :D.


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MrPranklez Owner
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Country: Belgium
Occupation: Student
Discord: Mr.Pranklez#0001
IGN: MrPranklez
over 2 years ago

Hi VriendjeStokVis_,

Those are some amazing builds you're showing off there! We've discussed your application and we unanomously agreed that we would love to have you with us. Please contact me on Discord (Mr.Pranklez#3204) so we can invite you to all the proper channels and such.

Kind regards,