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The Return of Skyblock (3.0)
MrPranklez Owner
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Country: Belgium
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Discord: Mr.Pranklez#0001
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over 2 years ago

The time has finnaly come after some ups and downs, Skyblock is finally back!!!
We've reworked the whole core system of skyblock and hope for it to be more stable and less buggy than before.
We've also added a few new features in the mix with more coming (More info below)

What has changed?

  • New Skyblock Core system
  • New and improved generator system that automatically upgrade depending on your island level
  • New spawner system and a bunch of new spawners have been added
  • New starter islands (old one was a bit too default xD)

What will you be able to keep from the previous skyblock?

  • You'll be keeping whatever rank you had either donator or player
  • You'll be able to transfer your island from the previous skyblock to this one (if you do so, you'll be excluded from /is top)

Will skyblock remain the way it is or will there be some updates?

  • As we go along it's possible some bugs could arrise and we will be fixing those as they come up
  • There's still a few features we'd like to add to further improve the general skyblock experience

    So to summarize, yes there will be updates xD

How long will this season last and will there be prizes again?

This season will be a bit different compared to other seasons and we would like to make this season last as long as possible. Of course there will be prizes attached whenever this season ends. These will be the same as the last 2 seasons (20$, 10$ and 5$ donation store vouchers for first, second and third place winners respectively)