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Cosmetic Update!!!
MrPranklez Owner
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Country: Belgium
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over 2 years ago

The Cosmetic Update
The first part of 2020 so far has been a wild ride, not only on the server but globally speaking. We have introduced daily events in order to keep everyone entertained, we hit a new alltime high on player count and so on. During the last few months we haven't sat still, all of us on the NRG Team have been working really hard to prepare what we have in store for you now. We will be releasing the following things from this point on: (more details below)

What does this update contain?

  • Pets Crate
  • Disguises Crate
  • Particles Crate
  • Token System
  • Trading System
  • 5 New Parkours
  1. How will the token system work?
    1. How to get tokens?
      So, when participating in events you will be able to win tokens. The winnner of a daily event will be rewarded with a single token. On top of that, the 5 parkours we've added will also give you a token as a reward. So that makes for a total 6 tokens you could win daily and a minimum of 5 (given that you do all parkours xD).

    2. What can you do with tokens?
      You can use your tokens on all servers, so if you win tokens on retronix and you redeem them there you'll also be able to use it on skyblock and creative, in other words this is a network wide thing. On all server we'll have a warp set up called "cosmetics" so you simply run the command "/warp cosmetics" to get to the right area. There you'll see an NPC which you need to right click to access the tokenshop. Once you talked to the NPC you'll be able to purchase either a "Disguise Key", a "Particle Key" or a "Pets Key".
    3. Can I also buy tokens from the store?
      We have also added all cosmetic keys and a few packages of tokens to our Donation Store and they're all on sale starting today until monday the 30th of March.

  2. What is the Trading System?
    The Trading System enables you to trade items with another player through a simple GUI. You will no longer need to be afraid for someone else to pick up the items you dropped for a friend or for the items to despawn because of some mystical cause. Simply run the command "/trade <playername>" to initiate the trade and then use the simple menu that pops up to do the trading itself.</playername>
  3. What is the point of this update?
    We would want for players to be another incentive to participate in our daily events. Not only will you be rewarded with a cool box of goodies but you'll also be able to save up on tokens that you can use to get yourself some fancy cosmetics. Not only that but it gives our highest tier donators another sense of progression where they will be able to unlock more and new things despite having most things already unlocked with the perks they receive from their ranks. 

    In the near future we also plan on expanding the network with a server dedicated to events where you'll be able to play a handful of events that are continuously running, like murder mystery, build battles,... There too we would like to be able to reward players with tokens that they can then use to get themself some cool cosmetics on all servers.

  4. Have all events been set up on every single server yet?
    The events have currently only been set up on retronix as it takes a lot of effort and time to set them up. We'll most likely not be setting them up on skyblock and creative because, as I previously mentioned, we'll soon be transitioning to an server dedicated to events alone.

At first glance this might seem as an update that wouldn't take too much time but it actually took up a mountain of time, doing research on what cosmetics would be best to add, setting up each and every cosmetic, making sure it can work over the whole network and so much more. Not only that but we also had our build team and staff team, quite literally, building events for players to enjoy non-stop and the build team is still steaming along building new and exciting things for you all. 

We hope that you all enjoy this cosmetic update and we're looking forward to seeing you guys in-game.

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ZKlack Member
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Country: Saudia Arabia
Occupation: Student
Discord: ZKlack#3249
IGN: ZKlack
over 2 years ago

very cool

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