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Skyblock, New Website, New DonationStore,...
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over 2 years ago

A Big Update + Upgrade
Over the course of this summer we've had our ups and downs. The server went down for a week, we hit a new alltime high on player count and so on. During the last few summer months we haven't been sitting still, all of us on the NRG Team have been working really hard to prepare what we have in store for you now. We will be releasing the following things from this point on: (more details below)

  • Skyblock
  • New Forums
  • New DonationStore


We've been promising the release of a new Skyblock server for a very long time now and we're glad to say it's finally here. The server will officially release Friday the 13th of of September at 12 AM EST(bad omen? who knows? xD). Making this server took so long due to unexpected hickups, like the issue when the server went down for a long period of time, where we had to rebuild the server from scratch. That aside, we look forward to showing off the new Skyblock server. Here are a few things you can expect to see:

  • 20+ different custom starter Islands
  • Rank up through the different in-game ranks
  • 6 unique crates, each of them containing epic rewards
  • Custom Ore generators
  • Team up against other players to reach first place
  • Monthly rewards
  • Weekly events

New Forums + DonationStore:

If you came here by clicking on the announcement in our discord channel, I'm sure you'll already see the major change, and in our opinion also an improvement. Thanks to all the server donations, we've been able to review a few features and change them to the benefit of the NRG Community. Our website now looks a lot cleaner and more modern, while our previous website offered similar features, it was sadly starting to get a bit outdated and wasn't as appealing.

Same goes for our previous donation system, although it worked perfectly fine, it could be better and that's what we did with this "upgrade". We want to make this amazing community grow, and to enable for it to grow, the rest also needs to move forward and innovate. You can access our donation store by clicking on the "Store" button on the navigation bar at the top or you can click here.

What's Next:

We have reached a point where we can slowly see that NRG is starting to take shape, not only the community, but also the things surrounding the server like the website, discord, donation store,... Now that these things are more or less done we can shift our attention back to developing the server itself further. We have been listening to suggestions the community has had over the past few weeks and these are the things we'll be adding in the future:

  • KitPvP server
  • Global server donator ranks
  • Trello boards (for suggestions and reporting issues)
  • Udates of the servers we currently have (adding new features,...)

This might not seem as a lot, but it's a start. As we go along we will continue to listen to your suggestions and such and we're sure that, the list above will get bigger quickly.


  • From today on (a week before the release of Skyblock) we'll be having a 25% sale on all of our Skyblock ranks. This sale will last until the end of this summer (21st of September). 
  • Everybody who registers on the forums will receive 1 Legendary Key on Retronix, our survival server, OR 1 Gear Key on Skyblock. Feel free to let any staff member know about your registration and that you would like to receive your key.

That's about it for this announcement. We hope you are as excited as we are with all of these new things and we're looking forward to seeing you guys in-game!!!

- NRG Team

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