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Skyblock Update!!
VictoriousWalrus Member
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Country: Ireland
Discord: Walruski#2101
IGN: VictoriousWalrus
over 2 years ago

The time has come to update Skyblock and bring in a bunch of new features to the current Skyblock!


What has changed?

• We are going to be transferring from Season resets to Monthly resets, The resets are going to wipe everything on Skyblock,(balances,islands,leaderboards,etc).

• The top three /is top rewards are going to be changing to 15$ for first place, 10$ for second place, and 5$ for third place, In NRG store giftcards.

• The values of blocks have been changed to mix things up a bit, And make it a bit more of a challenge to get a higher island level.

• We have increased the level of Auto Hoppers from 7 to 10.

• We've added 5 new custom islands which you can choose from to use, and a island preview area, Where you can preview the island before picking one.

• We have introduced the cosmetics system onto Skyblock with a variety of different cosmetics, Including pets,particles and disguises which can be purchased using tokens, We have also introduced 5 different parkour maps which can be completed to award the player a token.

• A new auctionhouse has been added that functions like more of an auctionhouse instead of a marketplace.

• New trading system has been added to make trading items between players safe.


What can you keep from the old Skyblock?

• You are able to save any of your current builds and transfer it to your new island after the reset happens, But you will be excluded from the /is top leaderboard. (If you want your build saved go to #builds-transfer channel on NRG Discord and make a post using the format).

• You are going to be keeping whatever rank you have, either Donator or Player.


When will Skyblock be resetting? 

• Skyblock is going to be ressetting on Friday 3rd of April (3/1/2020) , At 11AM GMT, You can press this , To be able to convert the time to your own timezone.


We hope you all enjoy the update, We're looking forward to seeing you in-game!!!

Kind Regards, Walrus

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yovel123456 Member
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IGN: yovel123456
over 2 years ago

Looking forward to it! :)

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