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The introduction of Itsyaboi66
Itsyaboi66 Member
3 posts
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Country: Netherlands
Occupation: Plane/student
Discord: Itsyaboi
IGN: Itsyaboi66
over 2 years ago


Who am I;I am a 15 year old dutch student, who greatly enjoys gaming(even if I have to study, which I almost never do XD). As for languages I speak Dutch, English, German and I'm able to understand French, altho I am unable to speak it properly.

What are my hobbies:I rode horseback for a while and play hockey. I know my why around Java, Python and HTML. As said before, I love gaming, but I also really like to read.

What's special about me: I have an IQ of 146, but also have ADHD, however, I am (relativly) calm and don't lose my cool quick. I am also bi.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction, if you want to know more about me, feel free to ask.:)

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Hi, want t know more about me, then look at my introduction, to lazy to write it here XD

1byte Member
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IGN: 1byte
over 2 years ago

Nice to meet you Itsyaboi :) Looking forward to getting to know you more on the server. I may have to look to you for help in the future as I plan to learn Java (currently doing Python!)