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Required Questions!


-IGN: KevoPyro_YT


-What position are you applying for?: The position I'm applying for is builder!


-What timezone do you live and/or work?: I live in the Netherlands so my timezone is CET I think!


-How much time do you spend on NRG and at what times are you available?: I spend a long time on the NRG server! Atleast a few hours per day and most of the time a bit more on the weekends :D


-When did you first join NRG: I think I joined the server around the beginning of September this year, but it might have been later. I don't know for sure.


-Have you ever been banned/kicked/muted/warned on NRG?: I've never been banned/kicked/muted/warned on the server.


-Why would you want to apply for this position?: I always get compliments from everyone around me that my building style and skills are really good! Also I've always loved the idea to be a part of a minecraft server team and this server has such a nice community already, so I thought why not join this one! And I got asked a few times by one of your main builders Azeriel!


-What would you be able to contribute to the server, that you couldn't before?: To use my builds in projects and make the changes in existing builds that I think are necessary to make things look better! Ofcourse I won't change everything to my own sense and will listen to all and everyone's advices with pleasure :D


-Do you have any experience in the field of position you're applying for?: No, as in I have never been part of a team before! But yes I have experience with building :D


-Do you have any experience using plugins like WorldEdit or voxelsniper?: I do have a little experience with worldEdit, but I have never heard of voxelsniper. So might have used it once, but I just don't remember anymore!


-What styles do you usually build in/like to build in?: My go to building style is medieval, but lately I love to joke around with all the new building blocks that are added in the game and I really enjoy doing that aswell :D


-Builds showcase: (All are work in progress by the way :D)







Optional questions!


Ingame Rank?: None

Real age?: 20

What do you consider your mental age to be?: 20 and higher sometimes

Builders Application: KevoPyro_YT about 1 year ago
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