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Hi @UseWeek,

We can see how having all commands could be useful, it would be one big mess due to the massive amount of commands we have. This is why we choose to filter out the ones that aren't really useful to certain players. However, we will be working on better documenting the features we currently have to offer and all the commands we have available.


Add all commands in help command 5 months ago

Hi Syx,

this will most likely not be implemented. We'd like to stick to our current donation methods for the time being. This doesn't mean we can't explore such an option in the future, however for the time being we'll stick to what we know best.


Suggestion - Create a Brave account 5 months ago

It has been a VERY long time since our last announcement and a lot has changed in both our personal lives, professional lives and even everything here on NRG. While we were pre-occupied with other things in life we have had the time to overthink what we should do next and what direction we should head in specifically and after some meetings we have come to the following decision: We will be rebuilding NRG from the ground up

Below we will go over the most important questions that will require answering. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask under this thread or on our discord server.

  • When will this fresh start officially... start???
    • It has been about a year since we actively developed and worked on things for NRG and with the release of 1.18 that isn't quite stable yet we will be releasing NRG 3.0 on NRG's birthday, the 15th of February. This will give us ample time to set things up properly and also make sure we have an experience that is true to NRG. On the 12th of February we'll do a soft release of NRG to allow us to further test things and filter out any bugs before releasing officially.

  • Will we keep our old  donator/player ranks?
    • Everyone who has previously donated will keep their previous donator rank or a rank of equivalent value in our updated rank line-up. We have introduced 1 new donator rank but we also bade farewell to our old Global ranks (MVP, VIP and NRG). All of the old donator ranks, had unnecessarily complicated things so we decided to reduce the amount and go back to our roots. We also added a total of 4 new player ranks, since we also want players to be able to work towards something. To check out the donator ranks feel free to browse over our store (still a WIP)

  • Will previously banned people be unbanned?
    • Previously banned people will not be banned. We are here to get a fresh start and not dive back into the troubles of the past. The people that are currently banned have been banned for a good reason. Everyone is always able to appeal their ban on our forums.

  • What servers will be available on NRG 3.0?
    • NRG will start off as a single survival server called Retronix. Here you will be able to play NRG's classic survival gamemode like we used to know it. We will also have a creative server where you'll be able to freely build in creative mode. We will be slowly but surely restoring other servers too but our main focus will be our survival gamemode.

  • Can we keep track of the progress that is being made?
    • We will be keeping you up to date by regularly posting updates in our #change-log channel on discord. So if you haven't already be sure to subscribe to our specific notification messages in #read-me.

  • What happened to some of the discord channels and messages?
    • With this new update we decided to start fresh with a whole bunch of our discord channels. We removed a few and simply wiped a few others. Suggestions still work as they previously have and we are open to hear any suggestions you may have!

We still have a lot of work to do and we are eager to get everything ready and present the new NRG to everyone. If you're interested in joining us when we re-release NRG while we work on rebuilding things, be sure to show us you're interested on the event we created click here.

A New Beginning - NRG 3.0 5 months ago

Over the course of the last few days some of you might have seen a ton of lengthy change logs roll out on our discord. This is because we've been working hard to get all the bugs we currently have resolved so we can focus on adding cool new features in the upcoming weeks/months. Below you'll see a summary of the main features we fixed/introduced and what is to come.

Before I get started on this summary I would like to take the time to thank everyone who helped making this update possible by thinking of cool ideas, reporting bugs, making polls and surveys and so on. Suggestions and bug reports have been the main driver behind all of these updates and we would like to thank you for helping us!

  1. Retronix Updates:

    • The mall that we initially released had a few flaws to say the least and we've finally managed to resolve them ALL.
    • Thanks to @Captcrispy, we have been able to rework the entire crate system and even add a new crate, the Mythic Crate. Not only that, but in combination with the new crate we have also added a total of 11 collectibles. If you manage to collect all of them you will be allowed to select a cosmetic of your choice. (a pet, disguise or particle)

  2. Skyblock Updates:

    • The generator system has received an entire overhaul. There are a total of 6 tiers of overworld generators and 3 different tiers of nether generators. In the future we also plan on adding a few tiers of end generators but we would first like to evaluate how the current system runs.
    • Besides that, a whole bunch of smaller issues have been resolved in order to make the whole experience more enjoyable and less troublesome.
    • Once, the crate system has been thoroughly tested and used on Retronix we will be expanding it to Skyblock to also allow people on Skyblock to enjoy something fresh and new from the crates.

  3. Upcoming Updates:

    • Halloween Update:
      This will be an update that you'll be able to enjoy throughout the last 2 weeks of October on Retronix. The Build Team is working hard to revamp the whole spawn. You'll be able to go trick or treating on NRG and by doing so get some cool unique rewards for yourself!
    • Minigames PvP Update:
      We've also been brainstorming hard in regards of adding some new events to the Minigames server, special thanks to @Fade. In the upcoming week we'll be working on adding a total of 3 new types of Minigames and they will all be PvP related!
    • New Server:
      Last but not least we'll be adding a fifth server to the NRG Network, that is entirely different compared to what you've seen on our other servers. We've previously mentioned what we'll be introducing in our Beta Server post. Those features will obviously be added in addition to a bunch of other cool features.

That is all for this announcement! We hope you guys are just as excited about the newly added things and the new things to come! We look forward to seeing you in-game!!!
~NRG Team

Global Updates, New Minigames and Halloween Event?!?! about 1 year ago

About 2 weeks ago we announced that we would be releasing a new server, the Beta Server, but due to us, the owners, having a busier schedule than we first expected. Over the course of the last week we have been working hard on a lot of different things as you might have noticed. As the title says we're afraid we'll need to postpone the release of the beta server further due to the sort of features we've been working on. Below you'll find a summary of what we've been working on and what is to come.

Over the course of the last weeks we have done a major website and Donation Store rework. The website is now more secure and has a few new fun features added like the ability to add friends. The Donation Store changed even more; We have a new design, we changed the currency to "Euro" and added support for card payments. And last but not least, this is something rather new that you might have seen us work on, but we have added Bedrock support to our whole network.

  1. What does the addition of Bedrock Support mean?

    This means that players that play Minecraft on their phone or on a playstation or any other platform that Bedrock Edition is used on, will be able to play with people who use the Java Edition. There will be no significant difference for players who use Java Edition. This will allow us to expand our playerbase outside of the Java community and ultimately liven things up even more.

  2. Why does the release of the Beta server need to be delayed?

    Adding Bedrock Support will undoubtedly bring up some issues mainly in regards of how menus look for players that use Bedrock Edition to access NRG. In order to fix any issues that may arise we would need to invest the little free time we have in fixing these issues. In combination with fixing any issues that may arise we would like to do updates for each and every server and we have our admins to count on for those. Below follows a short list of what updates will follow:

    1. Skyblock: Skyblock will get a big revamp and will be updated to 1.16.x. Work on that will be starting on the same day as this announcement is made. 

    2. Creative: The Creative server has probably been the longest running server without resets we currently have. But the time has come for us to give creative a BIG overhaul in order to fix some major bugs and change up the creative experience for the better.

    3. Minigames: It has been a while since we last added a new event and we have heard your requests on adding something new. We'll give away one hint; It'll be a PvP based event.

    4. Retronix: This is our most popular server and already has a plethora of interesting features, but they're starting to get a bit old. Therefore, we've decided to revamp some of them to freshen things up.

  3. How can we distinguish Bedrock Edition players from Java Edition players?

    All Bedrock players will have the characters "B_" preceding their username. This will enable staff and all other players to distinguish who is playing on what platform in order to be able to best react/help them out if they would have any questions.

  4. How will Bedrock players be able to connect to NRG?

    First off you should make sure you have Minecraft from the Microsoft Store installed. Once that is in order, you can launch the game and navigate to the "servers" tab and scroll down to the bottom and click on "Add Server" Players who connect to NRG using Bedrock will be able to connect through our basic server IP. Below a screenshot of the server details you would need to fill in, in order to connect to the server.

    Bedrock Connection Details

I would like to also briefly clarify why we, the owners, haven't been able to spend as much time on the server as we would like to. We are currently very busy with moving and preparing our appartment to furnish it. Considering one of us is moving to a different country there is a lot we need to take in account and plan very closley. The current Covid-19 situation only makes things more difficult. We hope you can understand and bear with us. We should be settled in by the end of August and able to spend more time on NRG.

We are very excited to welcome Bedrock players to our comunity. We'll be releasing more announcements as we complete/apply the updates mentioned above, so stay posted for those. We hope you guys enjoy and we're looking forward to seeing you in-game!!!

Beta Postponed, Bedrock Release + Updates?!?! about 1 year ago
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