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I'm sorry it's just not working, here are the link of my buildings on NRG server: https://failiem.lv/u/p5etpytp

On my own realm: https://failiem.lv/u/6azjjunh

-Without shaders and texture pack

Builder Application - Pikabu4 over 2 years ago
  • What is your IGN (In-Game-Name) and your current nickname? Pikabu4, Pika or pikachu/pikabuu
  • What position are you applying for? Builder
  • What timezone do you live and/or work? EEST/GMT+3
  • How much time do you spend on NRG and at what times are you available? I'm mostly online on afternoons and evenings, so I'd say I'm online around 8-11 hours a day, I can get online anytime when needed
  • When did you first join NRG? If I'm not wrong, then September or October 2019, but I got back to active playing at the end of March 2020
  • Have you ever been banned/kicked/muted/warned on NRG, if so why? No, I haven't
  • Why would you want to apply for this position? Because I would love to build for this server and discover new building styles, improve myself in this manner of building in Minecraft
  • What would you be able to contribute to the server, that you couldn’t before? I could help with server's building directly, give, receive and share ideas with fellow builders and potentially be part of the team that only gets better and together, me and fellow mates from the build team, could build a better and more-liked environment for our players, which in my opinion, is the most important part about the server
  • Do you have any experience in the field of the position you’re applying for? I was once a builder on another server, but it doesn't exist anymore
  • Do you have any experience using plugins like WorldEdit or Voxelsniper? If I'm being honest, I have used WorldEdit in the past, but since I've focused more on building in NRG Retronix, I might have forgot the commands WorlEdit has. Voxelsniper - no I've never used it, but I'm a fast learner so it wouldn't be a problem to get back to WorldEdit and figure out VoxelSniper's features.
  • What styles do you usually build in/like to build in? Medieval-themed builds, retro, pretty aesthetics more than anything futuristic and abstract
  • Builds showcase: On NRG server: https://failiem.lv/u/p5etpytp X: -3917; Z:6620, on my own realm https://failiem.lv/u/6azjjunh
  • What is your in-game rank? Diamond



Edit: Added photos of builds without shaders and texture pack

Builder Application - Pikabu4 over 2 years ago
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