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Looking forward to it! :)

Skyblock Update!! over 2 years ago

While dealing with a lot of blocks start to get overloaded with unwanted items that you are don't need while building, mining, crafting.

Hence, I introduce Item Filter plugin, Which allows:

  • Players to customize what items they pick up when enabled, in an easy-to-use GUI.
  • Edit and create new Filter Categories.
  • Everything is used via YML, so it is easy-to-use and setup.

Commands and Permissions:

* Execute /filter ItemFilter.command
* Edit item filter using /filter edit ItemFilter.edit
* Toggle status of Item Filter using /filter toggle ItemFilter.toggle

And a little preview:

GUI look


Note: the plugins I suggest in my head are for the people to enjoy(None-donors included). However, it is your call to decide if it is so.

Plugin: Item Filter over 2 years ago

After a big mining session, you come home to your beautiful house and have to sort all the stuff you have without a big sorting system that takes hours to implement.

Well, you came to the right place I suggest the InvSort bukkit plugin

with a simple middle click (wheel click) above the inventory you want to sort, it will be instantly sorted! No more tedious sorting of your chests, after all, you're here to play, not to tidy up.


The inventories compatible with this plugin are:
  • Player's Inventory
  • Chest
  • Barrel
  • Shulker Box
  • Ender Chest


All items will be stacked as much as possible to optimize the space available in your inventories!
What more do you need from a perfect plugin check it now below
Thanks for reading, If you need any more plugin suggestions, contact me in-game.

Plugin: InvSort over 2 years ago
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