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NRG Server Rules
All our survival servers have a small list of rules that you must follow while playing. This is a complete list of our server rules. Unless otherwise indicated, these rules apply to ALL our servers.

Section 1: Chat Rules

This section consists of all the rules regarding speaking in chat or manners concerning main chat. Always listen to a server staff when they warn you regarding breaking any of these rules.

1.1 Do Not Afk Spam [/Afk] or Logging Spam

All donators have access to the /afk command, which notifies everyone in chat that they are AFK. This may mean they stepped away from their computer/phone or they simply have Minecraft minimized. We ask that you do not spam this command.

Also, please do not log on and off in a very short period of time. This is considered spam in chat. If you are experiencing network connection issues (constantly disconnecting), assure that the issue is not cause by your own network. Also, another option is to take any type of texture pack/approved mods (such as optifine) off and try logging back in. If you still are having issues, please contact our staff on discord or on our forums.

1.2 Do Not Ask About Applications

If you’ve applied for any position (staff, builder, event, etc.), please do not ask any member of our community to look at your application. We also ask that you don’t ask their opinion on whether you are “staff” (or other position) material. Best thing to do is look at the app guidelines and see if you meet the minimum requirements for applying for the position. If you have any questions regarding the application itself (such as format or clarifying a question), please PM a current online Staff Member on the forums.

Also, all applications are still active and open unless there is an administrator replied to it giving information about it's status . Do not spam any member of our community (whether they are in the team you are applying for or not) regarding your app. Doing so will result in a official warning and a direct denial.

The only application that you CAN ask the members of our community is builder application (as stated in the app guidelines). You are free to ask builders what they think of your builds and if anything needs to be changed regarding them. However, you are not allowed to ask them to approve or deny your app and/or bug them constantly to look at your builds.

1.3 Do Not Attempt to Bypass an Issued Mute

Mutes are given to those that break chat rules. Please do not try bypassing the mute given with /mail (or /msg), /helpop, alt accounts, books, signs, friends and/or going onto another server to talk about your mute. If you have questions regarding how long your mute is or what it was for, please click here for the mute section of our Infractions page. If you wish to discuss your mute, you are free to do so on the forums where you can make an appeal. Bypassing mute, or discussing it on another server, will result in an extension of your mute. If you do any other type of behavior before or after your punishment, such as spam logging or spamming /afk, you may receive a harsher punishment up to a ban.

1.4 Do Not Use Spam of Any Kind

Character Spam, by our definition, is typing a set of same characters, usually letters, in a row without a space. (example: Helloooooo) We kindly ask that you do not character spam as it’s annoying to look at and it floods chat with unnecessary information. There is no set limit on the amount of same characters in a word, however, if it looks like spam to you, it is to others.

Caps spam is like our character spam; however, it’s typing a set of words all in capital letters. Generally, we try to keep this to maybe one-two words per sentence, however, please do not utilize this to spam one word caps sentences as it will fall under our spam rule.

We also ask that you do not warn people about caps or c-spam unless it is severe (or they are new to the server). You are welcome to warn players once or twice, but do not ‘harp’ on someone for misdemeanors once or twice, or spam “caps” at people every time they overuse caps. Your warning is flooding the chat and creating your own personal spam.

1.5 Do Not Give Out Personal Information Or Anyone Else's

For your own personal security, we ask you not to give out your personal information such as your real name, location, email address, etc. (Staff can ask for personal details regarding donations to properly retrieve them). If you are comfortable with sharing any personal information, you are more than willing to. We also ask that you don’t share the personal information of others, even if they are your friends. If you share other people’s information without their consent, you will be punished up to a permanent ban with no chance of appeal.

1.6 Do Not Have Inappropriate Builds, Skins, Usernames or Nicks, etc.

This server is family friendly, meaning that we have children visiting and actively playing on our server. We ask that you do not have any inappropriate usernames when you first join. If you do, you may be given a unique nickname by our staff (which can't be changed) and/or banned until you change your username. Please do not have an inappropriate skin when playing or you may be banned until you change it. Also, do not have any inappropriate builds on our servers, including any kind of historical build that is offensive in nature.

1.7 Do Not Ignore Staff

Do not ignore staff, whether by simply ignoring whatever they say or doing /ignore. Not only will you miss interacting with staff members, but you may also miss information such as events, warnings, and/or rules.

1.8 Do Not Impersonate Staff Members or Players

Do not impersonate staff members and/or players. This includes, but not limited to: Giving similar nicknames, pretending to be an ex-staff, acting like a staff member or mocking a player’s behavior. Staff members are signified by their prefix and no one should try to act like a staff member if they aren’t (such as threatening to punish a player). Threatening people that you will go to staff and get someone punished is also deemed unacceptable. Staff will decide for themself what they see as the best solution to the situation.

We also ask to not set your nickname with the &a (light green) color. This color is to indicate our staff members. You are free to use the color if you have three+ characters in your nickname. Only one character in your name can utilize the light green color.

1.9 Do Not Post Links in Public Chat

Links could be linked to a malicious website that will harm or damage your computer. Please do not post links in chat.

1.10 Do Not Spam Messages or Commands

Just like c-spam or caps spam, spam is when you post the same, or similar, message repeatedly. Please do not spam messages. It’s annoying and floods chat, making it difficult for staff and other players to view their own messages. The same is with command spam, including /pay, /tpa, and /msg or yourself.

1.11 Do Not Swear, Curse, Or Censor in Public Chat

As stated before, this is a family friendly server. Do not swear or curse in main chat. Censoring is also discouraged as it still indicates the word. Please also do not use alternate spellings to get around cursing.

Abbreviations are allowed, such as wtf or ffs, as long as they are not directed towards another player. Some abbreviations have negative meaning and shouldn’t be used at another player in anger.

We, as staff, try not to punish people for minor swearing (like damn) unless used excessively or used towards someone. Players may think differently and may call you out on these. Please do not start drama in chat regarding these words. Take it to the forums if multiple people have difference of opinion.

You are allowed to curse or swear in private message to another player if they are fine with it and it isn’t put negatively towards them.

1.12 Do Not Talk About Religion, Politics, Inappropriate or Other Controversial Topics

We are a family friendly server but we are also fully inclusive of anyone and everyone. However, there are those that aren’t or don’t feel the same way. Therefore, we do not wish for any controversial topics to be discussed at all ANYWHERE in our community. They have caused more harm than good, causing arguments to break out in chat and cause chaos. Controversial topics are all the following: Religion, Politics, Gender or Sexual Orientation, Race or Nationality, Any Inappropriate Topics or Suggestive Remarks, Recent or Past Major Events (particularly traumatic in nature), words that have inappropriate meanings, situations that are inappropriate (‘daddy’ games), joking about sad or inappropriate situations.

Please be aware: While the above is an extensive list, it is in no way complete. Staff will determine whether a topic is inappropriate and controversial or not.

1.13 English Only in Main Chat

The NRG Community accepts everyone, no matter their place of origin or primary language. However, we ask that you please speak English in main chat. Most of our users and staff are English speakers and it’s difficult to communicate with each other in another language. It’s also difficult for staff to determine if someone uses offensive words or curse words in chat if they are in another language. Some staff do, however, speak other languages so we are fortunate enough to have staff speak with individuals in their own language. You are free, however, to speak in your native language in private message and/or utilize it for signs. Just be aware to keep it friendly and don’t harass other players.

1.14 Only Advertise Your Shop, Items Being Sold, Etc. Once Every 5 Minutes

To keep chat clean, we ask that you advertise your shop, items being sold, etc. every 5 minutes. If chat is slow or dead, please wait until at least 20 different people/lines have posted before you. This will help space out your advertisement plus garner potential new players or players who missed the advertisement the first time.

Section 2: Common Sense

Most of the rules, stated above, are specified to our everyday chat. However, the below are broader and/or should be taken into consideration for ANY server (whether it be on NRG or another server).

2.1 No Hacked Clients/Mods/Modifications

NRG has a variety of plugins and mods/modifications that enhances a player’s experience, such as our auction house plugin and our two player shop plugins. We, however, wish that you play with only these pre-installed modifications so that all players have a fair and equal chance to play the game. Do not have any added mods, no hacked clients, and no mouse modifications. If you are unsure if a mod is acceptable, please ask a staff member before downloading it. Having any type of non-approved mod will result in punishment, up to a perm ban.

Examples of Mods NOT allowed: X-ray mod, kill aura, fly hacks, Glitch Mods

ALLOWED MODS: Inventory Tweaks, OptiFine, MiniMap, and Shaders

2.2 No Exploits/Duping

We have certain measures in place to fix a series of bugs/exploits and dupes that have been introduced over the years of developing Minecraft. This doesn't mean that new exploits/dupes/bugs can't pop up that could allow players to exploit. If something like this were to happen we kindly ask you to step forward and report any issues/exploits/dupes to us so we can patch them and take counteractive measures to prevent any significant damage. If an exploit/dupe is not reported when it is discovered, this could result in a hard reset of your stats (balance, levels,... ) or even a punishment depending on the severity. In extreme cases this could also result in a global rollback and this will force us to restore the server from one of our backups.

2.3 No Advertising/No Outside Advertising

We ask that you do not come on to advertise for either your own server or another’s server. This is also the case with realms (as these can be made public). You must also not advertise or talk about other servers in PM, mail, book, signs, etc. Please do not advertise other websites to other servers and/or discords.

While we appreciate that you love our server, please do not advertise our server on other servers. It gives everyone an image that we are desperate for players and/or we promote people to go do such things.

2.4 Respect All Players and Staff/No Bullying

As mentioned above, our server is accepting of everyone, no matter a person’s race, gender or sexual orientation, age, status, etc. Therefore, we would like all our members to express the same courtesy to other members of our community. You may not have the same viewpoint as us, but we wish that you do not try and bully someone because of your difference in viewpoint. Bullying is cowardly and often does not help either party in the end. If you feel that you are bullied (or see bullying going on in our community), please report it to the forums with evidence (screenshots and/or chat log). We, as staff, do not tolerate bullying of any kind. You are also not restricted to just in-game. If another player, from the server, harasses you outside the community (on skype, twitter, Facebook, etc.), we will act if there’s evidence. Cyber bullying is a federal crime and punishable by law. If you wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to contact one of our staff on the forums through a private message or pm them in-game.

We also wish that you respect and listen to staff as well. We will not tolerate bullying of current and former staff. If you are upset with something a former staff member did (or current staff), you are free to discuss this outside the server. If you feel a staff member has abused their privileges with the punishment you received, you are free to report them on the forums with COMPLETE evidence. Please do not report for another individual as it now becomes hearsay and has less weight over the actual individual’s statement.

2.5 Do not joke about harmful situations/inappropriate situations

As stated above in rule 1.12 and rule 2.3, we are accepting of everyone and we also do not tolerate bullying. Therefore, please do not joke about suicidal situations, such as telling someone to “commit suicide” or any wording similar to that effect. This is also the case for anyone who jokes about or counsels “self harming”, a major tragic event (whether past or present), any type of harassment (please view rule 1.12 for specifics), etc.

Section 3: Griefing And Claiming Rules

3.1 Do not grief

Our server is a no-grief server. Grief is defined as any adjustment to a build, chest or items that aren’t yours (whether claimed or not) without permission. Adjustment/grief is the following: removing a block or chest, stealing items, claiming over an unclaimed build or chest, altering anything about the build, picking up dropped items, moving items, etc.

Because the nether and the end doesn’t have claims, building in both these areas will not have same protection as the overworld. However, griefing player builds on these two areas are highly frowned upon.

3.2 Must claim 50 blocks away from other claims

Please claim 50 blocks away from another person’s claim. This gives a safe distance from another player, just in case they wish to build or expand in their claim. If you want to expand your claim, please be sure to expand it in the direction AWAY from other players. This rule is also effective for spawn, server builds and warp areas (new warp areas only).

You can build closer than 50 blocks if you get permission from the other party (whether it be player or staff). Along with the no grief and 50 blocks away rule, you aren't allowed to make any adjustments right next to the claim unless you have permission from the claim owner. This adjustment includes: digging around claim, making buildings, placing chests.

3.3 Any adjacent claims must not be a nuisance to each other.

The only purpose for claiming is to protect against grief from other players. Nuisance claims fall under a person [or group of people] who put a claim next to another player’s claim, without their consent, in order to prevent them from expanding their claim aka blocking the player in. Claims made for the purpose of blocking players in or made as a way of harassing a player shall be deemed nuisance claims. 

In such cases, the original player (the one first to claim) can request staff to determine if a nuisance claim has been made. If a nuisance claim has been made it will be removed by staff. 

Nuisance claims also reference Section "2.3. Be Respectful to Players/Staff."

Section 4: Non PVP Rules

4.1 Do Not Kill or Attempt to Kill Another Player or Staff

Along with our no grief policy, we also have a no player vs player (pvp) rule. Please do not kill or attempt to kill another player or staff. Our server has pvp turned off, so you cannot harm another player (unless you are in designated pvp areas). Attempt to kill means all, but not limited to: Burning someone, pushing them into water/lava, trapping players, drowning them, tricking them to tp to death. Please also be aware that all staff should be treated as if they are in survival mode (whether they are helper, mod or admin) and shouldn’t be tricked to their death or attempt to kill them.

Section 5: Money Rules

We have a few rules that help keep our economy running smoothly and efficiently. Please follow these rules when utilizing our economy system (player shops, auction house, trading, etc.). If you have any questions about them, please contact a staff member and/or make a post on the forums.

5.1 Do Not Give Away Free Money

Please do not give free money away, for whatever reason. It ruins the economy and is unfair to players who worked for the money. You can give money if a player does a job for you or for an item (the items must follow economy guidelines and not overprice, like a stick for 1,000,000).

5.2 No Gambling Systems that pay-to-play/No Bank Systems 

Please do not have any gambling system where the player must pay money to play. It doesn’t matter the odds [whether it’s a 0.0001% chance of them losing], paying money for a chance to not make any money is borderline scamming and free money. We also ask that you do not create any sort of banking system. People can take care of their own money and there’s no way to make money be ‘physical’.

Acceptable Gambling Systems [Item In Machine then Item out of Machine]

  • Using an item (not diamond) and getting an item back.
  • A shop sign for an item (a paper) and using it to get item back (not diamond)

Section 6: Auction House Rules

We have an auction house (ah) plugin that people can utilize to sell items quickly or items not found at admin shops. Please follow the few guidelines below to use the auction house plugin correctly. If you break any offense, you will get warned via mail/msg and your item will not be refunded.

6.1 Overpriced Items

All items have a ‘set’ price on them. This set price is determined by previous listings of the item and/or rarity of item. Besides diamond items, nothing has a definite price on it so items can go for any price. However, please do not overprice items. A skull (no matter whose it is or what mob) is not worth $1,000,000. All items, no matter how rare, go for no less than 500k. The only exception is bedrock, which is sold for 1 mil. Also, please do not overprice items to advertise your shop. If you want to advertise on ah, please do so with an item you would not care to lose and for a small amount of money.

6.3 Illegal Items 

Illegal items, such as hacked in items, are not allowed no matter what price they are. Please do not place these items on ah.

6.4 Inappropriately Named Items/Spam Bulk Items 

As stated many times above, this server is family friendly. Please do not name items deemed inappropriate, even if you censor items for curse words. Also please do not spam items that can be sold in bulk. It takes up page space and may push your other items onto another page.

6.5 Scam Items

Please do not put scam items on ah, particularly regarding renamed skulls [such as fake wither skulls or creeper skulls] or renamed items to get free money. It’s essentially cheating the player out of money. 

Section 7: Redstone And Overspawn Rules

Our final section concerns with redstone clocks and animal spawning/owning. These rules have changed recently and two of them (clocks and overspawns) are more controversial and require staff assistance in being sure they comply with rules.

7.1 No Automatic Redstone Clocks

While we do allow redstone clocks, we do not want an automated redstone clock that never turns off. To be safe, we would like it to be run by button pushing and/or stepping on a pressure plate (basically have some sort of on/off switch). This way, if you log off, it’s not continually running.

If piston or bud detecting clock, please do not have an overly large farm or have it in populated areas (such as player markets or near warps) so it doesn’t cause player lag. If your clock is item sensitive (such as a sorting machine or compactors that detect items), please make sure it isn’t running continuously or always have items in it. 

If you are unsure if your redstone contraption is legal, please consult with a server staff.

In all cases: Admin's ruling, as to whether a redstone build is legal or not, is final regardless of if it favors the staff or the player. Once a ruling has been made, Admins will take an extremely dim view of players who continue to test boundaries or continue to operate illegal redstone builds. This is how you get banned.

7.2 Mob Grinders must have on/off switch

Mob grinders are, essentially, utilizing a spawner to continually spawn mobs to get items + xp. To combat continuous mob spawning, we ask that you have at least two redstone lamps connected, with redstone, to a lever to turn the lamps on when the spawner isn’t in use. If you have any questions, or have issues with setting a mob grinder up, please consult with a server staff. If you set up spawner incorrectly, spawner will be confiscated.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot alter your spawner with mob eggs given at events and/or in server shop, if applicable. You can only have a vanilla spawners (one’s found in survival) and ones that you can get in crates.

7.3 Nonsensical Overspawns Are Not Allowed

While overspawns (20+ animals) are allowed, please don’t have nonsensical overspawns. This means it’s fine to have 20 animals in 1 chunk, but don’t have 200 animals in a single chunk. If you must have that many animals, please break them up with fencing and/or make the holding area bigger.